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Two trees down

Two winter trees now done! The upper was produced from the original design. It uses a single strand of floss for the outlining, is more complicated in its design, and uses muted browns for the trunk. There are some complicated roots … Continue reading

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Trees moving along 

Posting from a cell phone in Reykjavik is tricky, but here goes. Getting there. Needs work. Not enough snow. But that’s fine, got four more months to work on it.  Back to vacation. 

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Early winter trees

North America is forecast for a heat wave this weekend. 91° F right now at 1:37 pm. Blech. Too hot to go outside. Even the lizards are hiding. So better for humans to stay inside and think cool thoughts.  Like … Continue reading

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One project down!

 Finished this nifty little embroidered wooden box depicting the vertical soil profile from the front yard, which turns out to be Lignam soil. Soon the pile will disappear. It is pleasing to feel productive. So how’s that for a good … Continue reading

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Parts of the flower, embroidered

This blog is SUPPOSED to include embroidery and knitting and needley stuff, but mostly has been about plants as of late, due to all the needle working time being taken up with sweater production. However, due to a botany course’s … Continue reading

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Algae, embroidered

Oophila amblystomatis, which translates as the amblystoma infecting egg loving algae, is a fresh water algae which grows in ponds and ditches. It seems to be mostly found in North America. When the ponds dry up, it will form a cyst … Continue reading

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Bugfest is coming!

Yup. Bugfest is coming to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Bugs on display, bugs to make, bugs to touch, bugs to eat. This year spotlights the stinkbugs. Prepare your stinkbug attire! What, no stinkbug attire? Seriously, get on this. … Continue reading

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