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Peepers about

A spring peeper, Pseudocris crucifer, has been spotted. It was almost raked up with some leaves but jumped out of the way. They are not calling yet, but it’s been disturbingly warm. Should be 83° tomorrow. But they are out. As … Continue reading

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Amphibian by post

Back from a trip. Checking the mail. Who sent the frog? Damn thing wasn’t even packaged correctly. And it hasn’t got proper postage either. Oh, and it’s Hyla cinera, the green tree frog. Not particularly uncommon. Sounds like this.

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Three frog day

Three different frogs were seen while transplanting a set of arapaho blackberries, which will hopefully be happier with more sun. The blackberries, not the frogs. The frogs can chose where to sit on their own. Frog no. 1: Rana palustris, … Continue reading

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