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Trees moving along 

Posting from a cell phone in Reykjavik is tricky, but here goes. Getting there. Needs work. Not enough snow. But that’s fine, got four more months to work on it.  Back to vacation. 

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Notes on embroidering plywood

1.) You will use a LOT of thread. Enormous amounts of thread. Be aware. 2.) You cannot slip the needle back underneath the stitches in the back to end the thread. So you will have to find another way to … Continue reading

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Soil and Embroidery, Pt. II

Still working on the soil embroidery. Took a while, what with the turkeys and programmer’s sweater requirements and all. Down to the actual embroidering part of it though. But here’s this week’s progress: Found this nifty little inexpensive¬†box. And then … Continue reading

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A fine selection of little motifs and a walking fish

Can’t always be doing giant six month embroidery projects. Sometimes you need something simple and quick, but absolutely unique. Maybe funny even. But at least unique. So here’s a keychain ——————-> The keychain blank was found in an embroidery shop … Continue reading

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